Corvettes of Buffalo

Salvatores Super Cruise 2010 WOW!

COB’s Super Cruise was held at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens on July 14th and what a turn out! 237 cars came to cruise with COB on a great Wednesday evening. The parade of cruisers started at 4 and continued all evening long. They even flat bedded a 54 Corvette to get in.
View the video of the Super Cruise and visit the Gallery for more great pictures by Dan Krakowski

COB Parks With The Big Birds

The club went to the Geneseo Air Show  on Sunday and was able to park along side some of the vintage air planes that where part of the show. Buy the looks of things they had a great time.

See all the other photos in the Gallery.


The club attended the annual Tri Five Car show this year and once again walked away with many trophies. Hats off to all the winners!

Have a Great Holiday from COB

The July 2010 Newsletter

July 2010 Newsletter