Corvettes of Buffalo

2017 COB Caravan

COB Annual Picnic

This years picnic was very well attended! Just look at the cars


2016 Super Cruise Award Winners

Dane G. Walter 1955 Chevy 210                                                       Mike Henry 1967 Chevy Nova

Chuck and Debbie Gugino 1932 Ford Hot Rod                             Tom Lewis 1966 Chevy Biscayne

Joe Russo 1971 Chevrolet Camaro                                                    Dominick Farbo 1965 Ford Mustang

Larry Rasp 1955 Chevy                                                                        Bob Heary 1935 Ford

Jim Calahan 1969 Ford Truck                                                            Robert Krueger 1965 Dodge Coronet

Nick Hehe 1939 Chevy                                                                          Jim Greco 1938 Cadillac

Mike Fetes 1969 Chevy                                                                         Peskir 1973 Plymouth Cuda

Carl Poydock 1960 Ford Fairlane                                                       Dale Engelmart 1932 Plymouth

Ron and Donna Miller 1928 Ford Model A                                       D. Wainwright 1973 Corvette

J.D.Strom 1970 GTO Judge                                                                  Tom McCarthy 1965 Ford

Dan-Linda Malecki   1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS                             Bob Morgante   2016 Corvette ZO6

Don Dubie Chevy Malibu                                                                       Felix Coniglio Willes M38 Military Jeep

Walt Imhor Pontiac Trans AM                                                              Rick Pearl Jaguar E-Type

Mike Atkins Auburn Boattail                                                                 Tom Richards 1955 Ford T-Bird

All 135 Corvettes leaving for the 2015 Caravan



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Christmas Brunch

COB held it’s annual Christmas brunch at the Columns Banquet Facility.  We had an attendance of 100 members and guests all who donated to COB’s Annual Toys for Tots. The Marine Core was represented by Jose Rubalcava and Daniel Heider. All had a great time. More pictures in the Gallery and on COB’s Facebook Page..

  Xmas Bruch I Xmas Bruch III

Xmas Bruch II

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