Corvettes of Buffalo

11th Annual COB Caravan

135 Corvettes attended the 11th annual COB Caravan! Below is the view from Cappellino’s Chevrolet the starting point for this years event.

More pictures in the gallery and COB’s Facebook page

Caravan 2015

2015 Super Cruise Award of Excellence Winners

Ed Leppien                 Joe Russo                                     Mike Fetes                 Dave Kaplan

Dan Walter                Craig Smith                                   Marty B.                     Ron & Donna Miller

Paul Wiese                 Bill & Amy Wertheim                Nick                             W. Franczak

C. Flick                       Rick & Karen Savage                  Joe Hellard               Dave Romanczak

Ken Ball                      Bob Brauechadw                         Ted Westbrook        Woody

Jim E.                         Lewis                                    Mike Gruber             Tom Richards

Butch                         Mick Wnek                                 M. Mesi                     Dennis Deveso

Bill Prenevan           Don Pubig                                      Ken Klaybor             Mark Yearke

Joe Bartoszey           John & Nancy Lang                     Carl Poybock             Rich Napora

Ray LePare                 Basil                                        Sam                           Matt Babisz

Fred Warnick           Henry Napierski                           Paula Somrier

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April 2015 Newsletter


COB Super Cruise

Wednesday, June 24 at 5:30pm in EDT

Salvatore’s Italian Gardens in Depew, New York






Save the Date: Sunday, September 20, 2015

11the Annual “All Corvette Caravan” is scheduled and more information will be available soon…

The Caravan flyer and pre-registration information will be posted for use on our website in the near future…

Save the Wave!

Co-Chairman Pete Ricigliano & Skip Polowy





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