Corvettes of Buffalo

COB Welcomes the West Herr Automotive Group as Our Newest Sponsor

Corvettes of Buffalo is happy to announce that the West Herr Automotive Group is sponsoring our 4th Annual Corvette Caravan and has also become a year long newsletter and web site sponsor. To kick off the sponsorship the club put on a display of Corvettes at the West Herr Chevrolet dealership in Hamburg on Saturday the 19th. We had a 1958 Classic Roadster, 1963 Split Window Fuelie, 1978 Silver Anniversary, & 1993 Black Convertible on display inside the showroom and 20 Corvettes in the parking lot. Being that Saturday was the hottest on record for mid April (officially 87 degrees) every body had a good time.

Ken Kayser Guest Speaker at April’s Meeting

At April’s meeting we were honored to have Ken Kayser, author of The History of Ramjet Fuel Injection on the Chevrolet V-8 and its Racing Pedigree as our special guest. Ken gave an hour-long presentation on Chevrolet’s early fuel injection systems that were used on the 1953 through 1960 Corvettes. The presentation covered not only the technical aspects, but Ken also presented some fascinating detail into all the personalties that designed and raced the early Corvettes. His slide show included archived photos found at GM that the company themselves did not even know existed. All of our members in attendance that evening were completely engrossed in what Ken had to say, including the ladies! His book is a must read for anyone interested in the early history of the Corvette. To purchase Ken’s book please go to